Aloha and welcome to Hawaii's Most Wanted Magazine! We're busy creating a new issue of Hawaii's premier source of information on local and federal law enforcement, the judicial system, and public safety and empowerment. In the meantime, please enjoy past articles from our publication. In addition to preparing a brand new issue of HMW magazine, we're going to launch a YouTube channel, social media channels, feature an advertising outreach for our sponsors, create an eCommerce shop with cool HMW merchandise, and maybe even a TV show in the future. That means we've got a lot on our plate but it demonstrates our commitment to the State of Hawaii and the people who make this the greatest place in the world to live. 

Jeanie and Pater Carlisle

Hawaii's Most Wanted has always been about empowering the community to team-up with our friends in law enforcement, local and federal government, as well as civic and community groups in a coordinated effort to make our Island Home a safer, better place to live. In order to continue that mission, we need your participation and support-and we're grateful for both.
Mahalo and we really look forward to working with you!

HMW Founder and Editor Mary Jean Castillo with former Honolulu City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle.
"The Judicial Process from three angles."

         (From left to right: State Judge Steven Alm, Federal Judge David Ezra, 
         City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle, Attorney Michael Green, and Attorney
         Myles Breiner. Select a photo for their feature article.)

Welcome to the Online Home of Hawaii's Most Wanted Magazine. We are proud to offer the Sixth Edition of our publication in an Internet format. Our Sixth Edition profiles "both sides of the aisle" in the judicial process, featuring articles about some of the state's most prominent defense attorneys, the prosecution, and the judges who preside over both. In addition, we feature some of Hawaii's Most Wanted Fugitives in an effort to assist local and federal law enforcement agencies. As always, we'll continue to help promote public safety and crime prevention through timely and informative articles to raise public awareness.
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