"Supporting the Law Enforcement Agencies of our State, and helping to educate and empower the public for a safer community."

HMW Mission Statement:

Hawaii's Most Wanted Magazine is a community service oriented publication dedicated to making our Island home a safer place. We strive to make a positive impact on the community through numerous activities. These efforts include:

    1. Publish Hawai'i's Most Wanted magazine, a semi-annual production featuring profiles of local law enforcement related figures, public safety and crime prevention information, and information on wanted fugitives at large. In addition, HMW will feature an interactive website to further the efforts of our magazine.
    2. Providing assistance, both financial and material, to various law enforcement agencies.
    3. Helping to promote a partnership between law enforcement and the private and public sectors of our community.
    4. Raise public awareness of available resources concerning law enforcement, safety issues, and crime prevention.
    5. Assist law enforcement in apprehending wanted fugitives
    6. Organize community outreaches such as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Children's Identification clinics, "K-9 Unit" Exhibitions for local schools and youth events, and other activities that help foster a partnership between the people and those that serve the community.

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